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عزيزي الزائر / عزيزتي الزائرة إذا كانت هذه هي زيارتك الأولى للمنتدى فنرجو منك التكرم بالتسجيل ان كنت ترغب في الانضمام الي اسرة المنتدى
سنتشرف بتسجيلك و إن كنت عضو معنا فيسعدنا أن تقوم بتسجبل الدخول .


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Année 1998:Choose either (a) or (b):
a) Discuss the extent to which "Grammar" can be viewed as order-seeking and / or order-imposing.

b) Linguistics provides us with a large part of the theoretical basis of language teaching. Can
we then assume that to be a good teacher one has to have a thorough training in linguistics

1999: select one question only. Time allowed 3 hours.
1- Assess the different meanings of the concept of "rule" from the perspective of traditional linguistics and modern linguistics.
2- "Structural approaches to foreign language learning produce structurally competent but communicatively incompetent learners". Discuss fully.

2000: Choose either (a) or (b):
a) "At an abstract level, beneath the surface variation, languages are remarkably similar in form and function to certain universal principles" (Akmajian et al 1984:7)

b) comment on this statement made by J Lyons (1965):
"It is certainly the case that many of the attitudes and ideas of linguistics today seem to result from a synthesis of certain traditional ideas, with ideas directly opposed to them, their antithesis expressed by linguists of a previous generation"

Année 2002:The concept of 'native speaker' is central in linguistics, but it often leads to a number of difficulties when one tries to define it.
Consider some aspects that might be critical to the definition of this concept.

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